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6 star couples, 72 secrets
February 2002
Glamour Magazine

When you and your other half are the stuff of headlines, you have no secrets left, right? Wrong! Here, six celebrity pairs reveal--for the first time--the six things they've never told their partner.

Bianca Kajlich, 25, who stars on The WB's Dawson's Creek, and soccer player Landon Donovan, 20, a forward for the San Jose Earthquakes, have been dating seven months.

"Landon is programmed into my cell phone as 'Sexy Boy.'" - Bianca Kajlich

Bianca admits:

"I'm obsessed with dating shows. Landon things I'm watching the Discovery Channel, but I'm actually tuned in to Blind Date."
"I check Landon out when he's not looking. I can't get over his hot body."
"I had sex in a rowboat. Unfortunately, it wasn't with Landon."
"When he's out of town. I don't lie on his pollow because I want his distinct cologne-soap smell to stay there."
"When I'm out of town, I surf the Web to find sexy pictures of Landon."

Landon admits:

"Bianca is the screensaver on my laptop."
"I got the scar on my forehead in preschool, when I was chasing a girl and ran into a pole."
"Once, when Bianca was away, I missed her so much that I slept at her house without telling her."
"I have a crush on a snowboarding chick from the video game SSX Tricky."
"I got a 1080 on my SATs."
"I read that Bianca thinks Calvin Klein boxer briefs are sexy, so I bought some."

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