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AOL Live Chat with Landon Donovan

San Jose Earthquakes forward Landon Donovan stopped by AOL Live to chat about his sport, the World Cup, how he prepares for a game, his hobbies and how it feels to be Jessica's Crush of the Month for July. See what he had to say below!

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CrushQueenJess: Hey, everyone! These question look great! Keep sending yours in! Landon will be here in 10 minutes. Until then, head to AOL Keyword: Crush and watch my video interview with the soccer star himself!

CrushQueenJess: I'm really excited to be talking to him again! I bet he can't wait to answer your questions. Landon will be here any minute! Wow, these questions are great! We've got a ton of awesome soccer players here tonight. Keep sending in your questions so that I can ask Landon for you. :)

CrushQueenJess: Yay! Landon is on his way now!

CrushQueenJess: Hey, guys! U.S. soccer star and my Crush of the Month, Landon Donovan, has arrived! Hi, Landon! It's so great to be talking with you again. How are you doing today?

Landon Donovan: Hi, audience. Thanks for joining us today. Hopefully we can have some fun.

CrushQueenJess: I know that we've got tons of avid soccer fans and players here in the audience who are dying to hear more about you. You ready?

Landon Donovan: I'm ready. Let's do it.

CrushQueenJess: Here's one from Nancy:

Question: How long have you been playing soccer?

Landon Donovan: Well, Nancy, I have been playing organized soccer since I was 5. My brother started with me when I started walking, according to my mom.

CrushQueenJess: Hiccup412 asks:

Question: Landon, you have been such an inspiration to me! I was wondering if there were any specific soccer players around the world that inspired you as well. I am so proud of you and your teammates! GO, U.S.A.! -- Hiccup412

Landon Donovan: Thank you so much. Growing up, the one person I admired was Roberto Baggio. I always watched him play, and he was an inspiration to me.

CrushQueenJess: Here's another great soccer question from Jiggaman44565:

Question: If you ended up not becoming a professional soccer player, what college would you have attended, and what would you be?

Landon Donovan: I would attended UCLA.

CrushQueenJess: Great school!

Landon Donovan: And I would do something in the sports field, whether it be sports medicine, sports business, something of that sort.

Question: Tell us about your ESPY experience. I was 100-percent sure that you would win! Congrats!

Landon Donovan: Unfortunately, I wasn't so sure, but thank you. It was an awesome experience. I had a beautiful date and got to meet a lot of really cool people that I idolize.

CrushQueenJess: Ooooo, can you tell us who your date was?

Landon Donovan: My date was Bianca Kajlich, who is in the new 'Halloween' movie.

CrushQueenJess: Here's one from TraceyH3:

Question: How many goals have you scored with your head over the years? -- TraceyH3

Landon Donovan: I would say maybe three.

CrushQueenJess: Which moment throughout your career has been your fave?

Landon Donovan: Probably winning the MLS cup last year with the San Jose Earthquakes.

CrushQueenJess: Soccerlady999 would like to know:

Question: What's the toughest soccer team you've ever played?

Landon Donovan: The toughest team I've ever played was Brazil in March of 2001, because they are the world champions, and deservedly so.

CrushQueenJess: Snakiiz99 is looking for some tips:

Question: You have been playing soccer for a long time, and you must love it. I have been playing for 10 years, but it has stopped being fun. Do you have any tips to help make it fun again?

Landon Donovan: Good question. I don't think that you can do anything to make it fun. I think that comes naturally, so maybe taking a break and realizing how wonderful of a game it is would help. Maybe you are playing too much and are burnt out.

CrushQueenJess: SpOrTyCuTiE01 has a great question:

Question: Landon, what do you enjoy most about being a star soccer player, and everyone knowing who you are? Love, Ali. P.S.: U R HOT!

Landon Donovan: The best part is getting to meet beautiful ladies such as Jessica.

CrushQueenJess: ::Gasp!::

Question: What is one thing that you would like to change about the world?

Landon Donovan: One thing that I would like to change about the world? Gosh... well, since it's so fresh in our minds, I think terrorism would be something that we would all want to see disappear. Having been quite a few places, there is a lot of poverty in world -- a poverty that we can't even fathom, that we don't even know exists.

CrushQueenJess: From Junebug56781:

Question: Even though you lost the World Cup, did you still have fun? Not fun playing, but traveling with your team and seeing a different place to play? And also witnessing different cultures?

Landon Donovan: Of course! I think there's nothing better than getting to do what you love and getting to see the world at the same time. I'm lucky.

CrushQueenJess: Now we are getting down to some good stuff. From TrckStar87:

Question: What's your ideal girl?

Landon Donovan: My ideal girl... I need a girl who is innocent, somewhat naive, genuinely beautiful, which is a term not used solely for outer beauty. And someone that makes me happy.

CrushQueenJess: OMG, I keep getting this question. I can't believe I'm asking it -- LOL.

Question: From Jonny: Hey, Landon! Crush Queen Jess is wicked mint and hella rad, why don't you ask her out already!?

Landon Donovan: Maybe I will. Stay tuned.

CrushQueenJess: LOL!

Question: Hi, Landon! OK, here's my question: Have you heard of *NSYNC? If you have, which one would do you say is most like you? And who is your fave? Love ya -- Lilmunchkin.

Landon Donovan: LOL.

CrushQueenJess: Hee hee!

Landon Donovan: I would say yes, I have heard of *NSYNC. I think the one most like me is Justin, because Britney has a huge crush on both of us.

CrushQueenJess: What? Aww, man! Britney, back off! OMG, again! Again, again! OK, from LittleAussie86:

Question: Hey, Jess and Landon! It's Amanda (I asked you to compete with Jess on rock, paper, scissors in the video interview). Landon, would you ever go on a date with a girl who has a crush on you? I think you should go out with Jess! ;) You two would be a cute couple!!

Landon Donovan: Certainly. I think you want to go out on a date with a girl that has a crush on you.

CrushQueenJess: Megs4fun asks... (Back to soccer, sort of!)

Question: Do you like any other sports besides soccer?

Landon Donovan: Yes, I love all sports, but mainly probably basketball, tennis and golf.

CrushQueenJess: Are you any good at golf?

Landon Donovan: No. I have fun, though.

CrushQueenJess: GUITARBRO42O wants to know about your practice schedule:

Question: How often do you practice for soccer?

Landon Donovan: We train five days a week for anywhere from one to two hours a day, and then we play a game on Saturday, usually, and have Sunday off.

CrushQueenJess: Speaking of getting ready for games, CaYkEe24 asks:

Question: First off, I think that you are really hot and really talented. I just wanted to know, how do you get hyped before a game? I know that for most people, you have to do something or listen to music. To get me hyped, I listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers! -- Caitlin

Landon Donovan: Thank you very much. I generally try to close my eyes at some point during the day and visualize myself playing in different situations and succeeding.

CrushQueenJess: Now we're getting technical... from Shanpac102819:

Question: The U.S. national team plays a 4-4-2. Do you like that formation or do you prefer a different one, and why?

Landon Donovan: Yeah, I think it's a great formation. But I think you shouldn't read too much into formations. It's still 11 versus 11 when you step out on the field, regardless of the formation.

CrushQueenJess: Soccerroxnch5 asks:

Question: Hey, Landon! When you were young, did you ever think you would be in the MLS, let alone the WORLD CUP?

Landon Donovan: Well, I always dreamed of playing professionally and in a World Cup, but I never really thought it would come true.

CrushQueenJess: What's a typical day like in the life of Landon Donovan?

Landon Donovan: I wake up, eat breakfast, go to training. Train, eat lunch, do whatever, maybe golf, maybe go to the mall, maybe hang out at home, maybe take a nap. Go to dinner at some point. And maybe go walk around downtown Los Gatos. And then either go home and watch TV, maybe go to a movie, have people over. All terminating in bedtime.

CrushQueenJess: OMG! I'm so jealous of your life! Geez. ;) Do you ever get online to read the message boards about you on AOL?

Landon Donovan: No, I do not go on there. Should I?

CrushQueenJess: YES!

Question: Do you have an official Web site and fan club? How can people contact you? Thanks!

Landon Donovan: I think some people have tried to start Web sites, and there might be a few. I'm not sure. But if you want to contact me, you can send mail or e-mail to the San Jose Earthquakes.

CrushQueenJess: And you can go to Keyword: Crush to learn more about Landon, watch a video interview, etc.! Happyjulie86 asks:

Question: What's your favorite thing to eat during a practice?

Landon Donovan: During practice? Like, while I'm practicing?

CrushQueenJess: Um, sure!

Landon Donovan: I guess if I am hungry, I will have a banana, which sometimes happens.

CrushQueenJess: Abluprincess sounds like a big fan:

Question: How do you feel about playing soccer? I think your looks will attract more female fans to soccer than there already are. You're awesome! I saw you on MTV.

Landon Donovan: I love playing soccer. It's one of my true passions.

Question: Landon, when soccer season is over, do you get a chance to just go home and relax and enjoy sunny Southern California and be with your family?

Landon Donovan: Yes, I do.

CrushQueenJess: That was from SprMnLilPukPrnss.

Landon Donovan: And I am hoping that this year, that time spent is very long.

CrushQueenJess: What will you be doing tonight after this chat?

Landon Donovan: Calling Jessica. Tee hee!

CrushQueenJess: OMG! You better not be kidding!

Landon Donovan: I'm playing a game tonight. See my dedication here, folks.

CrushQueenJess: Who are you guys playing?

Landon Donovan: The Seattle Sounders.

CrushQueenJess: Good luck! Score a goal for your AOL peeps. ;)

Landon Donovan: Peeps, I will try my best, as always.

CrushQueenJess: I'm so very sad to say (more so than I have EVER been in the past) that we are out of time. Landon, you've been a great guest. I think that we've all had a ton of fun.

Landon Donovan: Oh, spare me. Don't give me that BS. You say that to all the guys. You're just a player.

CrushQueenJess: OMG! Landon, you know that I have a HUGE crush on you!

Landon Donovan: Quit trying to break my heart.

CrushQueenJess: I'm going to cry!

Landon Donovan: Yeah, I'm sure. That's what all the guys say, that you say that to them. I am just another one on your long list.

CrushQueenJess: Oh, no! So what's up with that call later? ;)

Landon Donovan: ::sniff::

CrushQueenJess: Oh, no, don't cry! You're my fave crush ever! I love you!

CrushQueenJess: Thanks to the audience -- you were grand! The questions you sent rocked my world! Don't forget to go pick up your San Jose Earthquakes tickets and visit AOL Keyword: Crush. Good luck tonight, Landon! Talk to you later. ;)

Landon Donovan: Thank you, sweetie.

CrushQueenJess: TTYL! Good night!

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